Thursday, June 5, 2014

Why Am I Writing This Blog?

"Time Passing" 
Monotype with Collage

Time is valuable to all of us, right?!! Then I ask myself why spend time with this blog? And, it does take time. So, today, I have to seriously question what is motivating me to do this. 

I entitled my blog, "Enjoying the Gift". But, I have made the decision today to change it to "Sharing the Gift". Because that is exactly what I want to do! 

Why? Because I was raised to believe that it is better to give than to receive. And, I have come to realize that that statement is absolutely true! 

I believe we each see the world in a unique way and we can express that way we see it with our gift of artistic expression! Your means of artistic expression may be in fine art, music, interior design, dance, writing, gardening and so much more. You may communicate what you see, feel and experience in not just one but many of these. 

Teaching and producing art gives me joy! I feel passionate about both! I see this blog as a way to share my gift with you and EXCITE you to discover yours. If you already see yourself as an artist, then I ask you to share your discoveries with me and others through this blog. If you have doubts about expressing yourself as an artist, I ask you to send me your questions and I will try my best, and with the help of fellow artists, to discern your unique artistic gift of expression. 

It is NEVER TOO LATE in your life to take this challenge. My husband Marty accepted this offer from me almost 4 years ago. I plan to interview him in an upcoming post to see what he has experienced. From what I am observing, he is really seeing more and enjoying his semi-retirement more than he had imagined he would! AND, by sharing my gift with him, he is making me a better artist and teacher! 

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