Monday, June 2, 2014

Using the Sketch to Develop Painting in Studio

In the first image here is a watercolor sketch executed in a little over an hour on our 2011 trip. This place we discovered near Gorham, Maine. 

It was the most beautiful place we were able to take in the fall foliage on the trip! I was so happy to have time to try to get the image on paper as it affected me! 
As you can see, the COLORS of the trees and their reflections motivated me to paint the scene.

This next scene was painted just a few months ago. It was inspired by the sketch I just talked about. The image size is only about 6" x 9"...with mat...10" x 14".   

I decided to do it as a demo for Marty in our art studio one day. It was really easy to do. I was amazed! I used the sketch and my photographs of the scene to help me. You can see that I zoomed in on the subject of my sketch. I wanted to focus on the section where the edge of the trees were contrasted with the trees behind them and also the beauty of the stream in the middle of all this color. By doing this, I was transported off of the distant bank, where I sketched; and' I was placed closer to where I saw and experienced the true beauty of the scene! Ah, the power of art! Thank you, God!

TIP: What I learned from this is to be sure to take many photos of the sites where you do sketches. Be sure to vary the focal lengths...zooming in and zooming out. And, it is never too late to paint from the sketches you make. Sketches along with the photographs capture and record the feeling of the scene and preserve them for the artist!                                                                                 

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