Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Three Pelicans

"Three Pelicans"
Original Watercolor
40" x 26"

This painting was inspired by a special trip to the Wildlife Sanctuary in Pensacola, Florida, in the early Spring of 2010.  My dear artist friend Paula Payne worked there and she gave me a close encounter with the wildlife.  I was truly impressed by not only the facility but the caring people who worked there to help heal injured wildlife.  I took some great photos of pelicans when I was there.  A couple of months later, the horrible oil spill on the Gulf Coast occurred.  Besides the tragic loss of life of the men who died as a result of the oil rig catastrophe, the images of the oil-soaked wildlife being rescued really upset me.   I revisited the images I had of the pelicans and started to work with them with the help of my art imaging program Adobe Photoshop.  I overlapped and edited the images until I had the view I thought most showed the haunting look from the birds.  I wanted the pelicans to plead with their eyes for help to protect them.  
This painting is a favorite of mine and my husband Marty.  It hangs above our fireplace mantle in our great room.  I have sold quite a few high quality giclees of it (limited edition of 150). 

The first photo is the middle stage of the painting.  The second one is the completed painting. 


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